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SS Block: Fab Four Update!

You read that right...FOUR BLOCKS!!!  I have the LAST FOUR blocks in progress!

First, updates on the ones you know!

Yoshi's Island...

500 is on to 310!

Camping Mama...

All parked threads have been worked up!

Now, to introduce the new blocks!
First up, Pyraplex!  This is another game from Kairosoft...think of it as Mega Mall Story with an Ancient Egyptian twist!

And here's the start...

And the last block is from Doctor Who Legacy, a DW themed match 3 game where you collect different characters for you team, including K-9 (Mark 2, who travelled with The Doctor and Romana)!

And the start on that...

To keep things interesting and to help avoid burnout, I have a stitching style plan!

-Camping Mama: Stitching one item at a time (may start with the flower!)
-Yoshi's Island: One color at a time
-Pyraplex: Vertical lines (the pattern lends itself to that)
-Doctor Who Legacy: Parking

These plans may change...but that's a start!

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