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Pokemon Corner: Gotta Stitch 'Em All Edition

So...I did a thing...

I got colors...a lot of 100 colors (for now)...

Got some aida (just enough to start)...

And dove into a new pattern!  It's not a tiny's actually a series of patterns...a series of patterns that reflect a journey.  A journey that started many years ago and still continues today.  Some may say that this journey has really influenced my life in some ways.

It all started with this...

Yes, I'm talking about a game...which may sound silly to some.  When this game first came out, the local Walmart had a Game Boy Color set up with the game so that people could try it out...and I did...a lot!  My family saved up so I could get my own GBC and copy of the game (thanks Mom!!!) and the rest was history!  This game came out over 20 years ago now...and I have been a gamer ever since!

I may not play a lot (okay...most...all???) of the popular games and I haven't bought a new system since the 3DS first came out (I still have my GBC, GBA…

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